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Hospitality - Menu of Speakers

Do you need a speaker for your next meeting? Below is a short list of topics that we can present at your next meeting.  

Topic Speaker
Franchise Tax      Laura Yalanis, CPA
Accounting for Restaurants  Henry A. Silva, CPA
Menu pricing Analysis Norman L. LeBlanc, CPA

Is your topic on our list?  If not, let us know and we will find you the right speaker.


KLR helps privately owned restaurants, hotels, and food related businesses in Rhode Island, Boston and throughout the country.  Benefits of working with KLR’s hospitality team include our understanding of the many complex accounting issues like tip reporting, menu pricing analysis and sales tax audits.  Our accountants have experience with the accounting and tax questions related to the food and hotel/lodging industry and are always looking ahead to help you make the most effective choices for your business.