Emerging Leaders Program for Experienced Professionals with KLR

Experienced Professionals

Emerging Leaders Program

Coaching Our Next Generation of Leaders

KLR’s three-year emerging leaders program is aimed at developing the talent of the future. We guide team members through the process of setting and accomplishing goals and assignments that will help position them for a leadership role within the firm.

Participants in this program take part in monthly conference calls led by notable leadership coaches,  are assigned independent work and complete a capstone project at the culmination of each year. Our emerging leaders program is designed in such a way to allow individuals to further develop their core management and interpersonal skills.

Leadership skills are best learned by doing, so in the first two years of the program participants will focus on developing skills related to:

Year three focuses on complex goals that require greater effort and leadership ability and utilization of the skills learned in years one and two to complete.

Many of our Emerging leaders program participants have found it to be a challenging but rewarding experience that has helped them grow professionally and personally.