The Power of a Smile and Keeping it Personal - A KLR Impact Story

The Power of a Smile and Keeping it PersonalWhile many companies have a recording or digital answering service, we believe our clients deserve more—and our front desk colleagues certainly deliver on that promise.

Stop by any front desk at KLR and you’ll be greeted by our colleagues whose roles are guided wholeheartedly by kindness and hospitality. As they unanimously agree, “Being extra friendly never goes out of style.” KLR receptionists are truly our “directors of first impressions,” and it goes without saying that they are simply indispensable to our firm’s success.

Locking in that first impression.

Boston’s receptionist, Taryn has found that setting the tone from the very start of a person’s visit to KLR is key. “I’m the first face people see in Boston,” she says, “I know that sometimes people are stressed, have had long days or simply need someone to talk to.” Whether it’s a client, colleague, food delivery or maintenance person, treating every person who walks through KLR’s doors with the same respect is something Taryn strives to do every day. And it does not go unnoticed..... “One particular client’s limo driver came in quite often during tax season. I’ve gotten to know him quite well, and he actually brought me a small souvenir from his vacation!”

Taryn’s contagious smile and pleasant tone of voice make it easy for all KLR visitors to feel not only welcome, but comfortable in our office. As she puts it, “My role here is not simply to say ‘Someone will be right with you.’ We want clients and everyone who walks through the door to feel a sense of respect, that they’re very special and important.”

Going above and beyond

For Providence receptionist, Jazmin, building relationships with clients isn’t difficult, either. “During tax season, the office is always bustling, which means we are able to see clients more, and build that personal relationship with them,” she says. It’s not uncommon for a client to come in and immediately greet her with a simple “Hi Jazmin. How’ve you been? How’s your dog?”

Jazmin says she has grown accustomed to numerous clients, recognizing their name or voice even before they introduce themselves, and the feelings are reciprocated. “I often pick up the phone and the client immediately knows it’s me on the other end” Tara, a past receptionist who got to know a number of clients very well, says that this is a key part of their role. “It’s important to remember who’s at the other end of the phone, or coming through our doors.” Tara says. “A smile goes a long way, and being extra friendly is always a good idea.”

What’s Jazmin’s motivation? “It’s about going above and beyond all the time,” she says. “Clients may be stressed during tax season, I do my best to help with whatever they may need as quickly as possible.”
Though like Taryn, Jazmin treats all KLR visitors with the same respect, she has grown to know certain clients particularly well—and one specific person sticks out in Jazmin’s mind. “Every time Norman’s client, Luanne calls the office, she always wants to chat with me for a couple minutes before being transferred over to Norm. She loves dogs just like me, and we were actually the ones to convince Norm to get a dog!”

Building bonds

This kind of relationship is one that makes Jazmin’s job so enjoyable, and her sentiments are shared ---Waltham’s receptionist, Esther took a job behind the scenes during last tax season to lend her knowledge in other administrative areas at this busy time. Once she returned to the front desk, clients immediately took note. “Esther, you’re back!”

Another client got to know Esther very well because she came in frequently during a two week period. “One day she came in to show me a crocheted monkey she had made for her first grandchild. She actually had to run out of the office shortly after because her daughter was going into labor,” Esther recalls. And that same client was back in about a week, not just to see her KLR advisor, but to show Esther baby pictures, too.

Our receptionists are not constrained by the stereotypes that surround these roles. As Managing Director Alan Litwin says,

“Our receptionists recognize that they are the first point of contact for everyone who interacts with KLR. They do an unbelievable job of making everyone feel welcomed and important regardless of who and what they are going to be dealing with at KLR.”

Like KLR’s outlook on client relationships, our receptionists believe in that personal touch. While a lot of companies have a recording or digital answering service, we believe our clients deserve more—and our front desk colleagues certainly deliver on that promise. They are more than simply the voices at the other end of KLR’s line or the front door greeters. Forming personal relationships with colleagues, clients, mail carriers, and the maintenance crew— that’s what they’re all about. Valuing people, their backgrounds and their needs is at the forefront of their roles at KLR—characteristics that come naturally to all four women. As Jazmin puts it, “We want every visitor to know that we truly care when they call or visit KLR.”