Helping Your New Partners Pave their Financial Future

Did you know? Our Rising Star Services Group helps new law firm equity partners prepare for their new financial responsibilities.

KLR's Rising Stars Services Group is aimed at educating and preparing new equity partners on their new financial responsibilities and implications of becoming a partner at your firm. Together with your firm's human resources team, we tailor our education program to reflect the unique ways your firm handles their partnership. 

We help firms prepare and train their incoming class of partners as part of your emerging leaders program on the financial implications of becoming a partner. We cover topics such as:

  • Preparing for capital contributions
  • Filing multistate and extended tax returns
  • Paying self-employment tax and making quarterly estimated tax payments
  • Not receiving a tax refund
  • How to manage monthly cash flow changes
  • How to prepare for education savings when they are still paying their school loans
  • Reviewing new insurance needs, child care options and payments

Interested in learning more about the details of our customized program for your new partners? Contact June Landry, Chief Marketing Officer today. 


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