Webinar: Master Your Data Security Challenges- New Date! - A KLR Event - Accounting Firm Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island

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Webinar: Master Your Data Security Challenges- New Date!

Event Details

Oct 11, 2018
Businesses today need to worry about much more than just being profitable. Is your organization’s data security up to par?
Dan Andrea, CITP, CISA

Event Description

The GoToWebinar telephone provider was experiencing an outage today so we were unable to host our originally scheduled webinar. Please join us on our new date to learn more about:

Is your organization’s security posture up to par? Although Cyber security grabs most of today’s headlines (and rightfully so), the real focus of an entity’s security posture should be on protecting the data it maintains, such as customer, donor, employee or intellectual property.  Keeping up with data security is not only a necessity for business reasons, but also for compliance requirements at the state, federal and international levels.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Methods for implementing data security best practices
  • Current regulatory environment relative to data security
  • The need for an Incident Response Plan and
  • The importance of a vendor management program