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KLR Launches Waves of Innovation Committee

KLR launches an internal innovation committee to create a platform to engage all colleagues.  This program will be called KLR Waves of Innovation and embodies two ambitions: help KLR place innovation at the heart of its decision-making processes and ensure a higher success rate for ideas for a better future.

“Our recent Shark Tank competition demonstrated how important it is to invest in our employees’ ideas, which is why we’ve decided to create a “Waves of Innovation” committee, through which KLR colleagues can meet and discuss ideas to better our business,” said Alan Litwin, Managing Director. 

“New ideas, the innovative spirit and talent are the key components to take KLR to the next level of growth,” said Laura Yalanis, Shareholder and Chair of Waves of Innovation. “We have the best talent in the industry and success comes in waves and we want to ride them together.”

Waves will foster breakthrough ideas and boost creativity in all offices.  Some of the planned activities will include Notes Day, Inspirational Tours, Talks@KLR, and Pitch Nights.  The Committee plans on cycling through new members over a certain period of time so that all colleagues have a chance to participate and innovate.