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2016 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for Businesses

Our year-end tax planning guide for businesses is a brief summary of tax planning opportunities for you to consider to help you prepare and plan for the future.

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Manufacturing, Health Care and IT Industry Outlook: Know the Risks

Technological advances, legal and regulatory developments, and other trends are having a profound impact on many of the industries in which private equity firms invest. Our latest article covers trends expected to drive profitability and growth in these industries as well as what you should consider before investing in them.

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The Life Cycle of a Private Equity Investment

When owning and operating a business, owners face a variety of decisions regarding their ventures. They face some minor but necessary choices, such as the type of marketing avenues to consider or what kind of accounting software to use for better record keeping.

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How can your business plan attract investors?

Entrepreneurs start with a dream and an idea. This can come in the form of a product that will change the market or a service that has never been offered before. You probably had one of these goals in mind when you created your business.

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