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Wine startup looks to solve the industry’s outdated supply chain

posted May 24, 2012 in the Business Blog

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A fine wine only gets better with age, but a relatively new startup is looking to change the game entirely by altering the libation's supply-chain structure, Boston Business Journal reports.

Likelii, based out of Cambridge, feels the wine industry's supply chain has become "tightly regulated" and "highly localized," hindering the supply of wine to "narrow geographic regions," the news source states.

Using a new type of infrastructure, Likelii hopes to expand the reach of wine producers, which in turn would create a wider variety of wines available to consumers via an online marketplace.

The company has already raised a $450,000 seed round from angel investors from a Tewksbury, Massachusetts-based startup that was sold to Cisco Systems in 2009. Other venture capital firms in Boston and elsewhere may soon jump on board, as Likelii has a chance to be a disruptive force in the popular wine industry.

Beyond its big-picture project, Likelii also offers a wine recommendation engine for consumers on its site, as well as a blog that offers insights such as "Down and Dirty Secrets of Ordering Wine in a Restaurant," and "Standing Out Online in the World of Wine."

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