KLR Founding Member of the 2nd Largest Int’l Association, LEA Global - A KLR News Article

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KLR Founding Member of the 2nd Largest Int’l Association, LEA Global

KLR is a member of LEA Global / Leading Edge Alliance ranked by the International Accounting Bulletin as the second largest international firm association of independent accounting firms for 2014. 

Our membership provides us with an unbeatable combination:  the comprehensive size and scope of a large multi-national company while offering our clients the continuity, consistency and quality service of a local firm.

“As a founding member of LEA, we are especially proud to be part of this important Global Alliance” said Alan Litwin, Managing Director.  “We are able to bring our clients the benefit of global resources in more than 102 countries around the world furthering our primary goal of providing exemplary client service.”

About our Alliance with LEA:

KLR is an active member of the Leading Edge Alliance, an international professional association of over a hundred   independently-owned accounting and consulting firms. The Leading Edge Alliance enables KLR to access the resources of multi-billion dollar global   professional services organization, providing additional industry expertise,  professional training and education, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities   nationally and globally, around the corner and around the world.